The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Session 2 - Recap

After heading to town, the party entered the inn. After some confusion, (okay, a lot of confusion) the group eventually met up with 5 more party members (Tony, Reganos, Xanthax, Carmen, and Carx) and booked rooms for the night.

At night, Xanthax, Argentum, and Kiliyn attempted to skin a cow alive and failed. Others attempted to break into stores or walk at night, but stores were locked.

When everyone awoke, the party made its way back to the clearing from the day before and defeated some nearby Goblins. They decided to split into two groups – one would enter the cave, and another would follow a forced path through the forest.

The group inside the cave encountered a group of wolves. Kiliyn was able to take one down with ease by stabbing both eyes, and Altair finished off the other wolves using a blast of thunder magic. Kiliyn was able to scale a rock wall and get a glimpse of a large room before Xanthax CRITICALLY FAILED and the wall collapsed on the players, hurting them both.



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